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About Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski

Adrian has written about technology for a few years now, working both in Poland and with English-speaking publications. Passionate about new tech, he is particularly interested in mobile and PC spaces, as well as new developments in VR and software. When now raving about the newest compact smartphones, he is doing a PhD in Philosophy.

Latest Articles

Toniesbox 1
What is a Toniebox, how to set it up, and can you add content to Tonies?

Tonieboxes and Tonies are popular kids toys in 2023, ranking on Amazon's best toy lists. Here's how to set up and use these storytelling devices.

How to repost on TikTok 1
How to do the Gen Z zoom everyone is talking about on TikTok

The Gen Z zoom is the latest trend taking TikTok by storm. Here's how to do it in TikTok videos, and how it differs from the cheugy millennial zoom.

Garmin Forerunner 965 1
Best GPS tracking smartwatches: Navigation and trail data for outdoor enthusiasts

GPS is one of the most useful features on a smartwatch. If accurately tracking your every step is important to you, these are our top picks.

arlopro5_6 1
Do you need an Arlo subscription? How much it costs and what you get

Arlo security cameras are great devices, but how much do you really get if you don't want to pay a monthly fee for the Secure subscription service?

Gboard glide cursor 1
How to use the hidden cursor on Gboard and supercharge your text entry

This great Gboard feature will finally help you get less frustrated when correcting an odd typo.

pixel8pro_8 1
How to block suggested apps on your Pixel phone: Avoid embarrassing apps on your home screen

Suggested apps on your Pixel can be of great help, but sometimes you'd rather not show all of your cards.

pixel8pro_11 1
Google Pixel 9: What we want to see

Google's next smartphone lineup might once again define what it means to be the best Android smartphone.

Meta Ai chatbots 1
What is the Meta AI assistant and how does it work?

Meta is introducing its new AI assistant, as well as other AI-based features. Here's what you need to know about them.

What is Microsoft Loop and why isn't it built into Teams? photo 6 1
What is Microsoft Loop and should you try it?

Microsoft has introduced a new app, called Loop, which is designed to provide users with a new way to collaborate on documents.

Segment Anything Model 3 1
What is Meta's Segment Anything AI Model and why should you care?

Meta introduced a new way for AI to analyze and dissect images. Here's everything you need to know about the new Segment Anything Model.

TikTok mobile effects editor-1 1
How to make effects on TikTok using the Effects tray: Spice up your videos

TikTok has finally made it possible to create custom effects straight on your mobile devices. Here's how to do it.

Google shop deals 1
Google just came out with its own deals-shopping extension - here's how to use it

Google wants to help you shop this holiday season. Here are all the shopping tools that the company added and how to use them.

Samsung 3d audio 1
What is Immersive Audio Model and Formats? Samsung's 3D audio tech explained

Samsung and Google are taking 3D Audio into a new era. here's what you need to know about IAMF technology.

WhatsApp in Google Play Store  1
What are Voice Chats on WhatsApp and how do they work?

WhatsApp's new feature will help you stay in touch with your groups using - you guessed it - your voice.

Netflix on Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Feb 2023 1
How to download Netflix movies and shows to your devices for offline viewing

Going on a long trip with no internet? Here's how to take your Netflix shows with you!

garmin forerunner 955 review photo 4 1
What is VO2 Max and how can you measure it on Garmin, Apple Watch and other fitness trackers?

VO2 Max is an important metric if you care about your fitness. Here's what it means and how to measure it on your smartwatch.

How to factory reset your Google Nest speaker or Hub display photo 1 1
What is Google Home "Help me script" and how does it work?

Google's new feature will make your smart home even smarter - all thanks to AI.

pixel8pro_12 1
What is Ultra HDR? Everything you need to know about the new imaging format

Google tries to take photography into a whole new era with Ultra HDR. Here's everything you need to know about the new image format.

Corsa Electric 11 1
What is a solid state battery and how will it transform EVs, laptops, and phones in the future?

Solid-state batteries could be the most exciting step forward for the tech industry.

macbook pro vs macbook pro m3 1
Apple MacBook Pro (M3, 2023) vs MacBook Pro (M2, 2022): Is it worth the upgrade?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is finally dead, and there is a new, M3-powered MacBook Pro in town. Here's what's new and which one you should pick up.

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