Key Takeaways

  • Tonieboxes are child-friendly audio players that allow children to easily listen to their favorite tunes and stories. They have a soft fabric covering and a touch box at the top where Tonies, which are toy figurines with NFC technology, can be placed to activate audio playback.
  • Tonieboxes offer a safe and engaging way for children to interact with audio content. The integration of tangible toys with digital media creates a magical experience, and the Tonies can be customized with personalized recordings or filled with stories and music from popular shows or movies.
  • Setting up a Toniebox is a simple process that can be done through the My Tonies app on a smartphone or through the Toniebox setup webpage on a desktop. Once set up, Tonies can be placed on the Toniebox to download and play content, and Creative-Tonies allow for personalized recordings to be added. A wide range of Tonies, including characters from Disney and popular children's franchises, are available to choose from.