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How to install Steam on a Chromebook: Everything you need to know

ChromeOS is improving with every update, and one of those improvements focuses on how easily you can play your Steam games. Here's how to do it.

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Steam Deck Game transfer 1
How to transfer PC games to your Steam Deck - save time (if not storage)

Valve has made it easier to get games on your Steam Deck.

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Best PC games to buy 2023: Fantastic games to add to your collection

These are the very best PC games on the market right now, for our money.

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Steam Deck tips and tricks photo 2 1
Steam Deck tips and tricks: Get more from your PC gaming handheld

The Steam Deck has been a revolution, but if you only just got one, here are some tips and tricks to help you have an even better time with it.

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How to fix slow game downloads on Steam: Tips and tricks to boost download speeds

If you are finding that Steam is downloading slowly then these tips might help speed things up.

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How to refund a game on Steam photo 4 1
How to refund a game on Steam: Tips to get your money back

Steam makes it surprisingly easy to get a refund on a game, even if you've played some of it. Follow our guide to find out how.

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How to stream PC games to another device photo 1 1
How to stream PC games to another device easily

There are various ways to play PC games in your home. 

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What is Steam? Valve's PC gaming platform explained

It's the biggest name in PC gaming - but what is Steam? Find out everything here.

Best microSD cards for Steam Deck photo 1 1
Best microSD cards for Steam Deck: Boost your game storage

What are the best microSD care options for your Valve Steam Deck? We've detailed the top options in this guide.

how to redeem a steam code 1
How to redeem a Steam code: Activating games and more

If you've got a Steam code you're looking to activate follow our guide.

Tesla’s 'Holiday' update adds Steam games and Apple Music photo 1 1
Level up your Steam game: Tips and tricks to get more out of Valve's game store

Steam has a lot of features that you might not have realised exist or haven't been making the most of.

Valve has officially confirmed the next Steam sale dates photo 1 1
How to change your Steam username

There are various things you can do to spruce up your Steam profile. One of them is changing your username.

Best games to buy in the Steam sales: Our favourite PC gaming bargains photo 1 1
Best games to buy in the Steam sales: Our favourite PC gaming bargains

Steam sales are a great way to blow your hard-earned cash on awesome games you've been mulling over purchasing for a while but have been putting off.

Best PC Racing games 1
Best racing games on PC: Top games for high octane thrills

There are some great racing games on PC. Here are our favourites.

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Best action-adventure games for PC gamers

Here are our top recommendations on PC for you to play and lose yourself in a virtual world.

Best open world games 1
Best open-world and survival games for PC

These are our very favourite open-world games and those that pit you against the world.

Escape From Tarkov 2 1
Best First Person Shooters (FPS) for PC gamers

These are our favourite shooters.

Counter-Strike 1
Everything we know about Counter-Strike 2: Limited test, gameplay, changes and more

A new Counter-Strike game has finally been announced.

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Best RPGs for PC: Superb role-playing games worth your money

These are our choices for the best role-playing games to play on PC.

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How to install Epic Games on your Steam Deck

There are ways to install the other main game launchers on your Steam Deck to play even more.

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