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About Chris Hall

Chris is the former Editor of Pocket-lint. He has been a technology journalist since 2008 and has covered the rise of Android and reviewed just about every important device along the way. Chris lives the high-tech life, seeking out real-world experiences with all new technologies, aiming to put it to the test to provide greater insight into its application. When not exploring consumer tech, Chris can be found riding his bike - and gathering all the data for later examination.

Latest Articles

How To Get Zoom On Your Tv image 1 1
How to get Zoom on your TV: Five easy solutions

Zoom is great on your phone or your laptop, but what if you want to take it onto the big screen?

CES 2024: What to expect from the massive Consumer Electronics Show

CES is approaching fast and I'm expecting a huge range of tech to be announced.

a packed venue for a phone launch 1
Smartphone launches are a mess that don't work in our modern connected world

Phone companies are killing their own hype by pursuing isolationism.

echo group  1
Doubling up on Alexa: How to use multiple Amazon Echo devices together

Having more than one Echo in your home can bring some big advantages. We explore all the options.

kindle paperwhite tips photo 1 1
The Kindle I recommend to everyone is on sale for Cyber Monday

The best Kindle is discounted, but it's not going to last for much longer, so act today.

pixel8pro_1 1
The discounted Pixel 8 Pro is the only Cyber Monday phone deal you need

The latest Google phone is my daily driver and nothing else comes close.

Garmin Instinct 2 photo 8 1
My favorite Garmin adventure watch has hit its lowest ever price for Cyber Monday

The Garmin Instinct 2 is a great rugged watch and this deal makes it a must-buy.

Amazon Echo Show 15 review photo 22 1
This is the biggest and brightest Echo Show I've tested and now has a massive Cyber Monday discount to match

The Echo Show 15 is the perfect smart home device for coordinating your family, and even better now that it's $95 off for Cyber Monday.

Amazon Echo Dot 5-gen vs Echo Dot 4-gen: What are the actual differences? photo 1 1
Amazon Echo Dot 5-gen vs Echo Dot 4-gen: What are the actual differences?

Amazon announced a new version of the Echo Dot in 2022 - and it brought with it some changes worth knowing about.

Echo Dot with Clock in the dark 1
I tried not to buy this Echo Dot with Clock bundle, but this Cyber Monday discount is too good

This pairing of the Echo Dot with Clock and smart bulb will only be around for a few more days.

echoshow8_20236 1
Amazon's new Echo Show is its best one yet, and it's 30% off for Black Friday

The Echo Show 8 is only 2 months old, but it's already on sale for $45 off.

arlopro5_3 1
I was blown away by how good this home security camera is and right now it's $180 off

Arlo's Pro 5S lives up to the brand's renowned quality and at 36% off, it's a must-buy.

echoshow8_20237 1
Amazon Echo Show 8 review: Fresh new looks, same Alexa experience

Hitting that sweet spot between size and functionality, the Echo Show 8 is a tempting choice for those with an Alexa smart home.

Apple MacBook Air - 9 1
Best MacBook Black Friday deals at Best Buy: Up to $400 saving on top Apple laptops

Low prices on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with some rare Apple discounts.

Kindle Paperwhite 2021 review photo 8 1
My favorite Kindle has a been discounted for Black Friday and I'm buying another

Amazon's best ereader is discounted and now is the time to buy.

Why is my Zoom video backwards and how do I fix it image 1 1
Why is my Zoom video backwards and how do I fix it? Also Meets and Teams

Worried about looking backwards in video calls? Is all the text you show backwards? Let me explain.

volvoex30_9 1
Volvo EX30 review: Volvo's smallest-ever SUV comes with a big surprise

The Volvo EX30 is small but mighty, and there's more to it than meets the eye.

Sonos tips and tricks lead 1
Sonos plots its move into TV and video streaming but what can the company offer that's unique?

A focus on your TV could take Sonos in a new direction.

How to turn on Kindle dark mode photo 2 1
Should I get a Kindle for reading books and can I stop the display flashing on page turns?

Debating buying a Kindle eReader? I'll explain if it could replace paper books or an iPad - and how to manage the display settings.

PXL_20231117_132156632 1
Best Echo Show: Which smart display is best for you?

We expert test and compare all the Echo Show devices, including the new Echo Show 8, to see which is the best Echo Show for you.

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