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Apple Vision Pro on a stand at WWDC 1
Second-gen Apple Vision Pro leak claims design changes aplenty, but it's still years away from release

The first Apple Vision Pro isn't on sale yet but the second-gen leaks are already here.

Meta Quest 3 (13) 1
How to factory reset your Meta Quest 2 or Quest 3 headset

If you're having software issues or just want to wipe your Quest before you sell it then follow this guide.

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PS5 award winner 1
EE Pocket-lint Awards 2023: Gaming & VR Device of the year

Find out which gaming or VR device was our favourite this year, taking home our award.

Working in VR thumbnail 1
I tried working in VR for a day and it completely broke my brain - and my body

Are head-mounted displays the future of work? I wanted to find out for myself.

Meta Quest 3 with Orzero head strap (1) 1
Meta Quest 3 tips and tricks: Get more from your new VR headset

If you've invested in a Quest 3 headset, you'll want to give these things a try.

Meta Quest 3  (1)-1 1
Best VR headset accessories: Level up your new Meta Quest 3 or other favorite VR model

A great pair of wireless earbuds or straps can make your journey into virtual reality even more immersive.

Meta Quest 3 (1) 1
Meta Quest 3 review: Taking standalone VR to the next level

Meta has upgraded its popular Quest headset in just about every conceivable way.

ByteDance VR subsidiary launches the Pico 4 all-in-one headset photo 1 1
Pico 5 rumours: Everything we know about the upcoming VR headset

What's next from the Quest competitor? Here's everything we've heard so far.

Meta Quest 3  (11) 1
Best VR headsets: Top picks from HTC Vive, Meta, Pico and more

We've been testing some of the very best options on the market, experimenting with games and apps to see how they perform.

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Meta-Quest-3-VS-Quest-2 1
Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2: Is it worth the upgrade?

The latest Quest headset has arrived, but what's new?

Meta Quest 3  (1)-1 1
Meta Quest 3 hands-on: Mixed reality for the masses

AR, VR or MR, the Quest 3 can do it all. I got to try it ahead of launch, and here are my first impressions.

Meta Connect: What to expect and how to watch Project Cambria be unveiled live photo 2 1
How to watch Meta Connect 2023 and everything we're expecting to be announced

Meta Connect is right around the corner - here's how to watch and what we're expecting.

Meta Quest 3 3 1
Meta Quest 3: Everything to know about the next-gen VR headset

Everything we've learned about the Quest 3, including when to expect it, how much it'll cost and what features it might have.

Pico 4 1
Pico 4 tips, tricks and hidden features: Get the most from your new VR headset

From the absolute basics to bleeding-edge features like hand tracking, we've got you covered with these tips and tricks.

Apple Vision Pro - 9 1
Apple wants iPhone and iPad apps to boost Vision Pro App Store options at launch

Developers have been told their apps will automatically be available on day one.

UWE_2023-1 1
I drove a BMW M4 Competition wearing a VR headset and it's the closest to real-life Mario Kart that you'll get

Was I taking my life in my virtual hands or heading off to an exciting alternate reality?

Apple Vision Pro - 13 1
What is Optic ID on Apple Vision Pro and how does it work?

This clever new system is the latest security marvel from Apple - here's how Optic ID works on Vision Pro.

Pimax Crystal (2) 1
Pimax Crystal review: A diamond in need of some polish

The Pimax Crystal promises a lot, including next-level visuals and standalone VR at a competitive price. But does it deliver? I put it to the test.

Meta Quest 2 tips and tricks 1
Meta Quest 2 tips and tricks: How to get more out of your VR headset

There are a lot of things you can do to make your Quest 2 experience even better.

google glass comes to london we go shopping for ice cream image 16 1
Google ditching its plan to make AR glasses really doesn't matter: here's why

Breaking news suggests that Project Iris has been shuttered. But that's not a bad thing.

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