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Pudding AI tool homepage on a laptop screen, website reads 'How bad is your streaming music?' 1
This AI tool absolutely roasted my Spotify Wrapped, and I love it

Warning: Only use this AI website if you're ready for your Spotify music taste to be completely destroyed.

Spotify Wrapped Sound Town 1
What Spotify Sound Town says about my music taste has me packing my bags

Spotify changed up their Spotify Wrapped this year, and let's just say Burlington, Vermont's tourism board will be very happy.

locked chat on whatsapp iphone 15 pro 1
How this WhatsApp secret code hack can help protect your chats

WhatsApp's Chat Lock feature just got even better, with a secret code to hide your locked chats from view. Here's how it works and why it matters.

save your google account lifestyle 1
How to save your Google account from deletion before it's too late

Starting today, Google is deleting unused accounts. Here's how to save your old accounts before you lose data.

How to repost on TikTok 1
How to do the Gen Z zoom everyone is talking about on TikTok

The Gen Z zoom is the latest trend taking TikTok by storm. Here's how to do it in TikTok videos, and how it differs from the cheugy millennial zoom.

How To Get Zoom On Your Tv image 1 1
How to get Zoom on your TV: Five easy solutions

Zoom is great on your phone or your laptop, but what if you want to take it onto the big screen?

spotify wrapped 2023 gallery 5 1
Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here, but who was the top streamed artist this year?

Want to know the music you've listened to most in 2023? Your Spotify Wrapped can tell you.

Pimax Crystal (3) 1
Best PCVR games: All the top VR titles to try on your gaming PC

Here's our pick of all the best games you can play on your PC-tethered VR headset.

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tiktok-music-hero 1
How to use Add to Music App on TikTok: Save tunes from videos

You're scrolling through the feed, then get caught by a jam that hooked you outta nowhere. Saving that to an easy-to-reach playlist was hard. Not now.

Apple Music Replay 2023 1
Your Apple Music Replay 2023 highlights are ready, here's how to find them

It's time to kick back and listen to your favourite songs.

Meta Ai chatbots 1
What is the Meta AI assistant and how does it work?

Meta is introducing its new AI assistant, as well as other AI-based features. Here's what you need to know about them.

YouTube playables 1
YouTube has games now - here's how you can access Playables

If you're wondering how to access games right in YouTube, here's everything you should know.

Netflix sleep timer 1
How to set a sleep timer for your Netflix show or movie

This setting was ideal if you were sleepy and didn't want to leave Netflix on all night. Sadly, it's not available any more.

ChatGPT Voice on iPhone 15 Pro 1
What you should know about ChatGPT Voice: How it works, what it can do and more

Having a voice conversion with ChatGPT is a completely different experience - and one that you really need to try.

Snapchat Dark Mode 1
How to turn on dark mode in Snapchat, for both iOS and Android

If you're ready to turn your Snapchat to the dark side, read on, we've got you covered.

How to turn yourself into a potato image 1 1
How to turn yourself into a potato or a cat (and other things) for Zoom meetings, Teams calls and more

These tips are ideal for spicing up your video meetings - check them out.

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What is Microsoft Loop and why isn't it built into Teams? photo 6 1
What is Microsoft Loop and should you try it?

Microsoft has introduced a new app, called Loop, which is designed to provide users with a new way to collaborate on documents.

How to clear your cache on YouTube photo 1 1
How to clear your YouTube cache on mobile and desktop

If you find that things aren't working quite right on the app or desktop site, a good place to start is clearing your cache.

Google Locked Folders 1
How to back up Google Photos Locked Folders to access from any device

If you want to access your private folders from anywhere, that's now possible with Google Photos - find out more here.

Meta Quest 3 (1) 1
How to use a Meta Quest 2 or 3 without Facebook

You no longer need a Facebook or Instagram account to use your Quest and Rift VR headsets. Here's what you need to know.

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