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A black and silver indoor camera on a wooden table 1
Monitors for music production  1
Best studio monitors for music production: 6 studio speakers for musicians, producers and artists

From Yamaha to Genelec, these are the best studio monitors whether you're a fresh faced rookie or seasoned studio hand.

samsung-galaxy-book-3-pro-3 1
Best coding laptops: Expert tested and reviewed

Our top pick coding laptops have the power to run apps, comfortable keyboards, and vibrant displays for all-day use.

Apple Watch Ultra Flatout-99 1
Best wellness tech: Fitness game-changers

From Apple's most rugged watch to a smart fitness mirror and a small fitness ring with big data insight, these gadgets have a great track-record.

Insta360 X3 review photo 13 1
Best action cameras for hiking: Capture the best possible outdoor footage

The best action cameras are compact, clear, and ready to record the unexpected action (and reaction) of the fun you encounter while hiking.

Google Nest Hub feature image 1
Best smart alarm clocks: Attain a restful night's sleep at every budget

Smart alarm clocks help you sleep well and wake up refreshed through realistic day-to-night cycles, environmental feedback, and sleep tracking.

Microsoft Paint Cocreator AI feature example 1
How to use the latest Microsoft AI features in Paint, Photos, and more

These Windows apps have some exciting new AI features. Here's how to use them, and whether we think they're worth your while.

Insta360 Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12 Black (9) 1
Best action cameras: Expert tested cameras that can handle anything

These rough and ready cameras are prepared for anything nature throws at them, and we've reviewed all of them. Here are the best options.

A Brother printer sitting on a desk next to some papers. 1
Best digital printers: Top of the line laser, inkjet, portable, and smartphone printers

Ink cartridges, paper jams, and down Wi-Fi turns printing into a nightmare, owning a printer that works well for your needs is worth the investment.

Ikea smart sensors 1
Ikea's trio of new smart sensors cost a little but can do a lot

Ikea is once again proving that smart home accessories don't have to be expensive.

Laptop For Editing Camera From Unsplash 1
Best laptops for video and photo editing: 5 dream machines for working on the go

These laptops represent the finest for mobile editing, with fast processors, powerful graphics cards, brilliant displays, and plenty of memory.

CES 2024: What to expect from the massive Consumer Electronics Show

CES is approaching fast and I'm expecting a huge range of tech to be announced.

Roon 1
Samsung is acquiring hi-fi multi-room service Roon, and Sonos should watch out

The Roon music connectivity platform is now owned by Harman and by extension, Samsung. So what does that mean for Sonos?

echo group  1
Doubling up on Alexa: How to use multiple Amazon Echo devices together

Having more than one Echo in your home can bring some big advantages. We explore all the options.

Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-H2 1
Fujifilm X-T5 vs Fujifilm X-H2: Which is right for you?

They might share the same sensor, but they're two very different cameras. We take a look at the benefits and shortcomings of each.

Bose Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 review lead image 1 1
8 gifts for the person who claims they don't want anything this holiday season

Gift shopping can be fun but there's always that one person who is impossible to shop for. Here are our go-to picks for the loved ones who stump you.

roborock vacuum on floor with family 1
Roborock’s Black Friday sale: Everything you need to know

This post is sponsored by Roborock.

Oakley x Fortnite 1
Oakley's latest sunglass collab puts Fortnite on your face

Share your love of Fortnite with these new Oakley sunglasses.

Sonos tips and tricks lead 1
Sonos plots its move into TV and video streaming but what can the company offer that's unique?

A focus on your TV could take Sonos in a new direction.

LG G3 SmartHome 1
Best gaming TVs: Find a next level display

Top spec gaming TVs offer fast refresh rates and quality displays for engaging play, here are our favorite 6 picks.

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