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Motorola Razr+ 2023 Viva Magenta
$700 $1000 Save $300

There's no better time to jump on the foldables bandwagon than right now thanks to Motorola's vibrant Razr+ 2023 clamshell being discounted by a massive $300.

2023 is the year that Motorola finally brought the heat to Samsung in the clamshell smartphone category with its rather excellent Razr+ 2023, which takes the fight to its Galaxy Z Flip rival head-on.

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Packing power and functionality, the Razr+ 2023 sports an oh-so-stylish design which is further enhanced by the vibrant Viva Magenta colorway which also happens to be approved by the Pantone Institute. Unlike most other clamshells, the Razr+ cover display is capable of showing all your favorite apps, which means you don't need to open the phone up every time there's a notification or phone call. This is just one of the reasons that the Razr+ is my favorite foldables of 2023.

Why the Motorola Razr+ 2023 is worth your investment

Besides folding up like a clamshell phone of old, the Razr+ 2023 features a 12MP main rear camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) alongside a 13MP ultra-wide lens. A 32MP selfie camera sits on the main display, not forgetting that you can also use the main cameras to take selfie shots using the cover display as a handy viewfinder.

Battery life on the Razr+ 2023 is excellent, thanks partly to the cover display being so capable, which means that you don't need to open up to the main display too often. Both the inner and outer displays use OLED technology to give you vibrant colors and the deepest blacks, with refresh rates up to 144Hz and 165Hz respectively.

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With incredible looks and a stunning design, the Razr+ 2023 in is a phone that will draw attention when you pull it out of your pocket. And whether its double twisting to launch the camera or activating the classic Retro Razr Mode, there are loads of ways to customize your Razr+ 2023 to your heart's content. We've also found a bunch of handy cases to protect the handset that adds further functionality and design chops into the mix.

Already starting at a more accessible starting price than its main competitors, Motorola's Razr+ 2023 is now reduced by 30% in this post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. This means you can snag this stunning foldable smartphone for just $700 and save a galactic $300 in the process.