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Best studio monitors for music production: 6 studio speakers for musicians, producers and artists

From Yamaha to Genelec, these are the best studio monitors whether you're a fresh faced rookie or seasoned studio hand.

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Best studio headphones: Top headphone options for mixing, producing, and mastering

From Sennheiser to Beyerdynamic, the best studio headphones will help you on your way to creating incredible sounding music.

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Best hard drives for music production: Find harmony with extra memory

Store your latest project, live recording sessions or back up your most recent EP with one of the best hard drives for music production.

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Best holiday gifts for music producers, according to an audiophile and producing buff

Give the gift of top-notch tools to music producers in your life this holiday season. From Yamaha monitors to industry standard Shure microphones.

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Best budget soundbars under $300: Level up your home audio

Upgrade your TV home viewing and gaming experience with budget soundbars from Bose, JBL, and more.

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Best JBL headphones and earbuds: Top options for fitness, gaming, kids, and more

Whether you're an audiophile or competitive gamer, we chose the best JBL headphones and earbuds to meet every preference and budget.

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Best luxury headphones: Top picks from Bowers and Wilkins, B&O, and more

Marrying audiophile approved sound and elegant design, these six headphones are luxurious in performance and wear.

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Best Sony speakers: From wireless to wearable

A mammoth in tech and the music industry, here are the best Sony speakers your money can buy -from wireless speakers to wearable options and beyond.

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Best Bose headphones: Audiophile tested and compared

We tested the best over-ear and in-ear Bose headphones to find the best fit no matter your budget or listening preference.

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Best record player speakers: 6 models for every space, set-up, and budget

Spinning out searching for top-notch speakers? Our expert selection delivers sweet high fidelity sounds.

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Best PCs for music production: find your best note with Apple, HP, or Microsoft

The best music production PCs are powerful enough for big tracks and suit a variety of different studios.

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Best JBL Speakers: Expert tested and reviewed

Sonos and Bose aren't the only capable speakers. JBL's line-up is impressive and versatile.