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Contributing editor

About Max Freeman-Mills

Max is an expert on all things gaming and gaming hardware, and writes across news, features, reviews, buyer’s guides and more. He is a magazine journalism graduate from City, University of London.

He’s also contributed to Wareable, Kotaku UK, The Sunday Times, the Press Association and MUNDIAL. When he’s not working, his time is divided worryingly evenly between football, culture and sleeping.

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What is Garmin Body Battery and how does it work? Decoding your score

Body Battery is one of Garmin's best features - find out all about it here, including how it works and what exactly your score means.

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How to factory reset your Android phone and erase all your data

Looking to sell your phone or just clean it to speed it up? Resetting it might be the answer.

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The Nitro Deck is a Joy-Con alternative I didn't realize my Switch needed

Joy-Cons have always seemed flimsy and prone to stick drift. This impressive dock-like Switch grip I've been using solves that issue.

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Best Apple Watch bands: Top straps for every model and activity

Customizing your Apple Watch goes beyond the software. Complete your wrist wearable with comfortable, stylish, and budget-friendly bands.

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Best Nintendo Switch accessories: Essential travel kit, controllers and more

If you just bought a Nintendo Switch for either yourself or a loved one, your next step should be to look at accessories.

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Best smart alarm clocks: Attain a restful night's sleep at every budget

Smart alarm clocks help you sleep well and wake up refreshed through realistic day-to-night cycles, environmental feedback, and sleep tracking.

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Amazon's Fallout TV series: What we know so far about the Fallout show

The Fallout show is getting nearer and nearer - here are all the details we have so far.

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Best shooters on PS5 2023: Amazing shooting games on PlayStation 5

We've gathered the very best shooters on PS5 right here - check them out.

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13 best Cyber Monday gaming deals ending very soon

There are loads of great gaming deals still available as Cyber Monday ends - here are our top highlights.

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Last chance to save on Kindle, Echo, and Fire TV this Cyber Monday

It's finally Cyber Monday - check out the very best deals on Amazon devices, right here before they slip away.

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YouTube has games now - here's how you can access Playables

If you're wondering how to access games right in YouTube, here's everything you should know.

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COD: Modern Warfare 2 is on sale for $30 off this Cyber Monday

Last year's COD game gets a really nice discount for Cyber Monday - with just hours left to take advantage.

Space Marine 2 suit 1
Everything we know about Space Marine 2: Trailers, delay, gameplay and more

There's a big Warhammer game coming out - although it's just had a pretty significant delay.

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The best handheld gaming PC has a massive $150 off this Cyber Monday

The ROG Ally is a brilliant bit of kit, and it's got a really healthy discount this Cyber Monday.

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How to connect your PS5 or PS4 controller to a PC: Use your PlayStation gamepad easily

If you want to connect your PS5 or PS4 controller to a PC, these steps make it easy.

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This Nintendo Switch storage upgrade changed my life, and it has a big Cyber Monday deal

This microSD card will stop you from ever having to worry about storage again.

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How to change your Xbox gamertag - update your gaming identity

It's quite straightforward to change your gamertag, if you're no longer keen on your Xbox name. Here's how.

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How to turn yourself into a potato or a cat (and other things) for Zoom meetings, Teams calls and more

These tips are ideal for spicing up your video meetings - check them out.

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This Xbox Series X bundle with Diablo 4 for $439 is one of Black Friday's best gaming deals

The Xbox Series X is a powerful gaming machine, and Diablo 4 is a superb game - no wonder they make such a stunning Black Friday deal bundle.

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Call of Duty Warzone's new map: When does Season 1 start?

The first season of Modern Warfare 3 is around the corner, and it's bringing a new map - Urzikstan.

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