Who We Are

        Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.) has established since 1895. The Alliance has fought against racial discrimination, defended civil rights, opposed anti-immigration movements, and countered efforts to marginalize American Chinese culture and heritage. Each of the chartered lodges across the U.S. is dedicated to enhancing civic pride, supporting community services, and promoting responsible citizenship. The Las Vegas Lodge of C.A.C.A has 15 years history. It works to improve life in Southern Nevada by promoting understanding, education, culture, community, and commerce.

       Chinese­ Americans helped build modern Las Vegas and share in the hope that it can become an even better city for our children. We can be found serving our community in many ways, including protecting our safety, teaching in our schools, healing our sick, helping run our resorts, and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit of Southern Nevada.
                                             Our Story

1895 - Chinese Americans in San Francisco established the Native Sons of the Golden State in response to racism and prejudice that limited their employment, education, housing, insurance, and banking opportunities. Full citizenship and informed civic engagement are key tenets.
       ​Chinese have been part of the fabric of Nevada since before it became a state and have helped it grow for more than 150 years. ​
       We built the rails that linked us to the world; we mined the riches of the Comstock Lode; and we were vital in turning Nevada into an international tourism destination. ​ We overcame fear and prejudice that saw our people killed, terrorized and displaced.
​      ​Today we promote citizenship and understanding in the Silver State and fight discrimination and ignorance with education and understanding.
       The Chinese American Citizens Alliance is a 120­ year­s old organization dedicated to economic and political empowerment to Chinese Americans and its Las Vegas Lodge is dedicated to improving the lives of all Southern Nevadans.

                                                                                                                                            Our Mission
To empower Chinese Americans by promoting the highest ethics and morals, by practicing and defending American citizenship in its fullest rights and responsibilities, by observing respectfully American patriotism, by preserving historical and cultural traditions, and by providing youth leadership and community learning through education.

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